Suspects Charged with Robbery, Grand Theft Auto After Crashing Stolen Truck into Oakland Park FL Business

Grand Theft Auto in Oakland Park FLPolice in Oakland Park FL recently arrested two people who allegedly crashed a stolen pickup truck into a business.

According to authorities, the two suspects took the white pickup from a personal storage facility located at 521 N.E. 35th Street in Oakland Park, Florida. The suspects then drove away at a high rate of speed.

At some point during the getaway, the suspects reportedly lost control of the vehicle and slammed it into a tax business located at 741 West Oakland Park Boulevard.

At the time of the crash, the building was occupied by the store owner, a store employee, and the owner’s baby son.

Thankfully, none of the building occupants were injured as a result of the accident.

After crashing into the building, the suspects allegedly got out of the car and ran down West Oakland Park Boulevard.

Remarkably, the fleeing suspects then allegedly attempted to steal a pedestrian’s laptop computer. While running, they reportedly targeted a man who was walking in the area. However, the suspects were unable to get away with the computer because the victim fought back.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputies eventually apprehended the suspects. Both suspects have been charged with grand theft auto and robbery. Additionally, one of the suspects is likely to be charged with a number of traffic violations.

The tax business building was seriously damaged as a result of the car crash. It took several hours for officials to remove the truck, which was lodged into the business’ entrance. Repairs to the store will likely take a week.

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