Pompano Beach Man Charged with Racketeering in Connection To Escort Service

Pompano Beach Police
Pompano Beach Police

A man from Pompano Beach has been arrested for running an escort service.

The man, Douglas Juiffre, allegedly has been running a very elaborate escort business through an office in Broward County. Police allege that Juiffre used office space as a call center to set up dates with the prostitutes. It is also reported that this service brought in around $200,000 in cash per month. The arrest is the result of an investigation by police that started earlier in the year after they received a report about the operation from a confidential informant. They utilized an undercover officer who applied to the business as a driver and was eventually hired after a couple interviews. Juiffre advertised this business through an internet site and through craigslist, paying for this through his accounts. A co-defendant, Joshua Rubenstein, was also charged in connection to the operation.

Juiffre was charged with living off the proceeds of prostitution, money laundering and racketeering. A first time conviction for a prostitution related crime in Florida can result in several penalties including 60 days in jail as well as 6 months probation. The racketeering charge in this case is the most significant. A conviction for this crime can result in 20 years in prison for each related offense committed. Further, a fine of $250,000 can be imposed as well as forfeiture of the business and profits derived from its operation.

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