Miramar Florida Man Gets Life Sentence for Murder, Beheading of Ex-Girlfriend

Miramar FL Murder SuspectA Miramar Florida man has been sentenced to incarceration for the rest of his life for the brutal murder and beheading of his ex-girlfriend.

The suspect killed the 35-year-old victim in October 2009.

When the victim went missing, police investigated and questioned the suspect. According to officials, the suspect claimed that he had not seen his ex-girlfriend since the moved out of their residence in Miramar, FL.

Investigators later determined that the suspect killed the victim by stabbing her with a knife. He then used the knife to cut off the victim’s head.

The suspect then placed the victim’s body in a barrel and went to a field in Miami Gardens, where he disposed of the body.

Once the suspect got rid of the body, he allegedly used the victim’s cell phone to send text messages to her family and assure them that the victim was doing okay.

Police managed to connect the suspect to the homicide by cloning the victim’s cell phone and sending him a text message. Investigators traced the original phone to a home located near the field where the victim’s body was later found.

After being convicted of first degree murder, the suspect was sentenced to serve the rest of his life in prison. A Broward Circuit Court judge issued the sentence.

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