Man Accused of Stealing Payout Tickets from Winners at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL

Robberies at Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood FloridaA South Florida man was arrested after allegedly stealing payout tickets from a casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Seminole police received a report of a man snatching the payout tickets from winners at the Hollywood Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

According to law enforcement, the 25-year-old suspect committed at least three such robberies over a period of four months. Each time, the victims were either attempting to cash one of their payout tickets or had already gotten the money from the casino cashier.

It is believed that the suspect stole more than $1,100 during the three thefts.

Seminole FL police conducted an investigation and obtained surveillance video footage from the casino. It was the surveillance footage that provided investigators with their big break in the case because it reportedly showed the suspect committing the robberies.

Additionally, the surveillance footage provided clear images of the suspect. This allowed police to identify and later locate the suspect.

Police found the suspect and placed him under arrest without incident.

The suspect has been charged with a number of criminal offenses, including robbery, sudden snatching, grand theft, and larceny of less than $10,000.

If the suspect is convicted on any of the theft charges, he would face significant penalties. For example, Section 812.13 of the Florida criminal code typically classifies robbery as a second degree felony. A conviction on second degree robbery charges could result in a sentence of up to 15 years in Florida State Prison.

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