Davie Florida Camp Counselor Accused of Sending Threatening Texts to Minors, Charged with Stalking

Stalking Charges in Davie FloridaPolice recently arrested an 18-year-old man accused of stalking children via text messages in Davie, Florida.

At the time of the alleged criminal activity, the suspect was a counselor-in-training at Camp Adventure at Tree Tops Park.

According to law enforcement, the suspect committed cyber-stalking offenses that involved the children he was supposed to be looking after as a counselor at the camp.

Pembroke Pines FL police began an investigation after the mother of one of the victims reported the alleged illegal conduct. The 13-year-old boy reportedly told his mother that he had received threatening messages from the suspect.

Worse yet, the boy indicated that one of his young friends had received very similar messages online. An example of the kinds of messages allegedly being sent: “Don’t think I didn’t notice you weren’t at your little house in Pembroke. You were right to fear for your life.”

The threatening messages allegedly came through Kik, a cell phone chat application.

Authorities believe that the suspect was using an alias, “Megan Hoffmin,” to shield his identity while communicating with the juveniles.

Investigators were eventually able to connect the threats to the suspect by tracing them back to his home IP address.

After being notified that he was wanted by police, the suspect turned himself in at the Broward County Jail.

For additional information about this case, see the Local10.com article entitled “Counselor-in-Training Accused of Sending Threatening Text Messages to Campers.”